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Conveyancing Knowledge-Base

It is easier to use the service if you have complete understanding of the procedure, here at affordable Conveyancing we educate our clients the maximum we can so they could take the maximum out of our services.

What is Conveyancing?


Conveyancing, when linked to the residential sale of a house, is the word used to describe all the legal and administrative farm duties involved in transferring a property from a seller to a buyer.

It is also referred as the transfer of ownership of a property from one person to another.

The conveyancing process normally starts once a seller of a property has accepted an offer in words from a buyer, both the seller and buyer will instruct their own solicitors or certified conveyancers to carry out the necessary procedures. Licensed Conveyancers are also used when a property is being re-mortgaged.

 Conveyancing Solicitors

You would normally appoint one of three types of professionals to carry out conveyancing work for you. The first is a generalist solicitor, who covers conveyancing amongst a number of other services. The second is a solicitor solely specialising in conveyancing services. The third is a specialist conveyancer, an industry professional who is licenced and regulated by the Council for Licensed Conveyancers.
Clients should not be led to believe that costs are likely to be less than they will be. When giving an estimate or quotation for charges, solicitors are expected to make it clear to their clients whether or not VAT and disbursements are included in the quotation.
Quotes should be as widespread as possible and should clearly mention any disbursements that are routinely included in quotes, such as telegraphic transfer fees, land registry charges and official copy entries obtained from the Land Registry.

 Licensed Conveyancers

When appointing a conveyancer, it’s important to consider the following:
Is your conveyancer a qualified conveyancing solicitor, or a licenced conveyancing professional? If so then they should be registered and regulated by either the SRA – Solicitors Regulation Authority (conveyancing solicitors) or the CLC – Council for Licenced Conveyancers (conveyancing professionals).

What is the cost that you have been quoted?


Prices can differ among conveyancers. A number of conveyancers work on a fixed fee basis; others on per-hour basis. Subject to property and circumstances, one can expect to pay anything from £250 to £1500 for conveyancing work. By using Affordable Conveyancing, you can make sure that you get excellent value for money.



What services cost does the conveyancer cover? 


You can obtain a quote from a conveyancer for what seems like a very low price compared to other quotes. It’s significant to always check what services are comprised in the quoted fee by way of a rundown list of disbursements. Sometimes conveyancing firms will hide that they haven’t included certain disbursements/searches, in order to make their fee look more competitive. Once you have signed, they then reveal that you have to pay more. Affordable Conveyancing always gives you a rundown list of the services offered with each quote, so you can compare accordingly.

How long does conveyancing take?

For property purchases, conveyancing usually takes around of 8-12 weeks. It can take between 4-8 weeks for contracts to be exchanged and then a further 2-4 weeks between exchange of contracts and completion of work.

If a mortgage is not required on the property that is being purchased, and the property is currently unoccupied the entire process can be completed within a few weeks, assuming there are no unexpected difficulties with the purchase.


My conveyancing quote is for

All firms regulated by Solicitors Regulation Authority
or the Council for Licensed Conveyancers

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