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Conveyancing Solicitors

Conveyancing Solicitors are specialist solicitors who have decided to practice in the region of property law instead of different regions, for example, criminal or family law. They are not only fully trained solicitors but must also be registered with the Law Society in the UK country they practice in. 

what is conveyancing and why do you need a solicitor to do it? 

It is a process of formulating the legal paperwork required for a land or property transaction, such as buying or selling to another. Most of us only come across it in connection with houses, but it covers any property transaction, from farm land to factories.

What Are Conveyancing Fees For?

Buying and selling property is barely ever direct. There are numerous legal checks that must be completed and the agreement between buyer and seller (the ‘contract’) needs to be properly drawn up and checked. Individuals best positioned and generally qualified to do this legitimate desk work (and there is a lot of it!) are property specialists. We pay these conveyancing specialists enormous conveyancing charges, so the thing would we say we are getting for our cash? Well in short, specialists expenses for purchasing a house cover all the checks expected to guarantee that the property you are buying is, truth be told, the merchant’s legitimate property to sell. Checks are additionally made on any limitations (or ‘encumbrances’) on the property which may influence you. These may restrict what you can do to the property or permit others admittance to it, (for example, privileges of way or shared admittance). A conveyancing specialist will likewise guarantee there are no extraordinary obligations on the property. Such hindrances can often affect the value of the land and/ or buildings in question.

Make Sure You Get Reliable Conveyancing Quotes

Likewise for vendors, solicitor fees for selling a house include checks that your buyer has the means in place to pay for the property. Your legal representative will also ensure that the change in the title (the legal paperwork proving ownership) is properly registered and any outstanding debt on the property, like an existing mortgage, is paid off. To fully complete these actions, solicitors offer legal advice; draw up contracts; carry out local and land change searches through dealings with the Land Registry and others; calculate stamp duty; and transfer the funds to pay for a property. All of these services are normally counted in your solicitors conveyancing fee. As with many services, fees for conveyancing work can differ a lot between solicitors, so it’s a good idea to obtain and compare conveyancing quotes from a number of different companies. When looking at quotes, make sure you are comparing alike. In other words, ensure that you know what costs are covered in the quote. Conveyancing solicitors will include charges in their quote to cover their time, letters, faxes, emails, phone calls and an indemnity fee. Make sure you know whether the quotes are ‘fixed fee’, as some solicitors may charge you extra if any unexpected problems rise.

Check More Prices Quickly And Easily With Online Conveyancing Quotes

Study illustrate that most people do not do the research and instead use either their usual family solicitor or a firm suggested by the estate agent or mortgage broker when conveyancing work needs to be done. This same research also indicates that doing this is often the most expensive and least effective choice. With the growth in communication technologies such as the internet and smart phones, many of us are now used to using price comparison websites for sourcing cheaper and better services such as home and car insurance, utilities or credit cards. It is therefore predictable that you can now also compare conveyancing quotes online. In a similar way to other comparison sites, those that deal with online conveyancing are now available to UK property buyers and sellers. Websites such as these are commonly delivered by experts; and the good news is that you can now find an expert conveyancing firm to find the best service at a lower cost. Remember, however, that the cheapest quote does not necessarily equate to the best value. 

 Using Reliable Conveyancing Comparison Sites

Many people are doubtful of using conveyancing comparison sites because they do not feel assured that they can trust either the site or the solicitors that they refer. That’s why it is worth taking time to check through a conveyancing site’s credentials, by which we mean two things. First, check that the comparison site itself actually has some kind of vetting process in place, so that there are reasonable criteria a firm of solicitors needs to meet or exceed before it is authorised to appear on the site. These might include factors such as reliability, professionalism, speed of service and/ or customer satisfaction. The best conveyancing sites will also have a continuous review process in place to maintain and improve quality. Secondly, look for reviews and testimonials for property conveyancing work, and not just on the site itself, but additionally on trusted review sites. For most of us, a mortgage is a necessity when buying or selling UK property so it is worth establishing that your chosen conveyancing firm includes mortgage solicitors to deal with this aspect. This might include finalising the mortgage for buyers, or ensuring it is settled for sellers. One company that offers conveyancing price comparison from pre-approved conveyancing firms is Affordable Conveyancing.

 Use Affordable Conveyancing To Quickly Find Your Next Conveyancing Solicitors

At Affordable Conveyancing, we provide a service that lets you compare instant conveyancing quotes from the best local property solicitors. All our conveyancing solicitors are pre-approved to meet stringent quality and service standards and we have excellent review ratings. To see what we can offer you, if you are buying, selling or re- mortgaging your property anywhere in the UK.


Complete a few details on our online form and get instant quotes from up to four of our expert conveyancing practitioners. If you have any questions, please contact our conveyancing experts on 02081330500.




Our lawyers will guide you through the process by providing expert, timely advice and updating you on progress throughout the course of the transaction.

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At United Solicitors we believe in a developing ever-growing and profound relationships and endeavouring to provide the best possible legal advice and representation to serve the interests of the clients

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We look after you, ensuring that you will always be up to speed on the progress of your transaction. Range Solicitors can help you with all aspects of buying, selling or re-mortgaging your property.

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